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Executive Homes is a premier quality custom home builder in the greater Indianapolis area. If you are looking for an experienced company for your custom home you have found the right company. Executive Homes works directly with the client from initial plans to completion. They will take every step so you have the right home for your needs. Top end products to expert design. From the latest in technology to efficiency they will work with you in making your dream custom home come true. Give Executive Homes a call today and start getting the custom home you always wanted.


Are you tired of having a wet and musty basement, sagging floors and bowed walls due to water damage. Are you concerned about odors or mold problems, rotten or molding wood, flood or fire damage. Advanced Restoration and Waterproofing is Indiana's premier company to get the work done right the first time. So if you are looking for a top quality company for waterproofing, foundation repair, drainage or restoration expert... you know the company to call, Advanced Restoration and Waterproofing.


Sometimes it is all about finding the right person. Dave at Dave's Clock Shoppe was a joy. Not only was he clearly an expert at clock repair you just knew you were dealing with an honest person who truly wanted to provide the best service. Now I have two clocks that are working again and have found a beautiful new one that guests just can't stop talking about. Plus... Thanks to Dave my husband will always be on time from now on. (Yes, I am dreaming!)


How do you choose between all the options? Start with Reviews. Find the company other homeowners like... but don't stop there. Make sure you are getting the right window at the right price... and make sure the installation is done right and has a guarantee.


Homeowners are bombarded with choices but they often don't have all the information they need to make the right choice. Reviews can play such a large role in choosing the right company. Windows is a big category where you want to make sure you make the right choice. You want, not only the right window, but the best installation and warranty you can get.


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Retractable Awnings, Indianapolis, Shade by Design

Retractable Awnings, Outdoor Enclosures, Window Shades Shade by Design is a family owned and operated business in Indianapolis, Indiana. Talk to Tonya or Kevin and see what they do to create, manufacture and install premium awnings, window shades and all types of outdoor enclosures. You can get a free estimate from a company you can depend on right here in Indianapolis for beautiful retractable awnings, outdoor enclosures and many types of patio enclosures. See for yourself how you can add value to your home and an enhanced look and feel so you can vacation at home. Make summer spectacular with a retractable awning or patio enclosure from the company you can depend on... Shade by Design, your Indianapolis company serving all the surrounding areas.